DAO Warp Balls

DAO Warp Balls

Dao Warp Balls wallpaper

It might appear at first sight that this is just a ball that rotates between two discs.

But looking more closely, you can see that the rotation is variable. And it is hard to notice the moment when the direction of rotation of the discs changes.

It's strictly symbolic for someone who lives in the world of crypto investments.

You'd think Warpball is a symbol of frustration that people encounter when they enter the NFT market. Not.

Warpball came to symbolise the hyper-jump to success.

Each ball is unique.

Each frame of the ball animation is unique - essentially - NFT.

And each ball is part of my FIRST collection that I, George Shvedov, created. You don’t know who I am. And you don't know what I can create. Perhaps I will not create anything, or perhaps I will create something that will change the world.

And whatever I create later, this ball will always be the beginning. Thus, the beginning of my crypto story. And maybe not only crypto, and not only mine.

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Zero Story

Zero Story

Zero Story


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