"DAOWAVES" was set up by composer, sound designer, producer George Shvedov with an aim to bring a new product to market music services. Quality - one of the main criteria in the implementation of activities "DAOWAVES". Also, important hallmark - the search for new methods for the realization of any tasks. A clear understanding of sound architecture, possession of fine Digital, Analog and Organic synthesis of acoustic WAVES achieves fabulous results. High sound quality standards is a priority, even in the shortest possible time. In "DAOWAVES" always glad to meet the new clients from around the world (and universe) and build relationships based on the theoretical and practical work experience, taking into account all the needs, problems and issues that may arise. Continuous development in the music or engineering-technical terms, is an essential principle of "DAOWAVES" in the provision of audio services. Innovations in the various fields of audio production industry are under scrutiny in order to achieve the best results and to save time.



"DAOWAVES" mission is to find a unique individual sound in the manufacture of sound materials and in working with the customer's order. Being a customer in "DAOWAVES" you can be sure of the professional execution of tasks.


Creativity. Quality. Result.


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