Extend your creative potential

Discover infinite sound colors of the world of famous artists

Use AI potential to add energy to your composition


How it works?


The signature sound of famous artists is now available for your compositions.

Select a reference and its sound will be copied to your composition.

Divide your composition into parts and choose a separate reference for each

Add regions A,B,C,D... to your composition and select an individual reference for each.



Give your tracks a unique color

Select multiple references. Their sound will be summarized to get a new color.

Take the color from light folk, and the dynamic range from dubstep

Select separately the reference from which the color (frequency response) will be copied and separately from which the dynamic range will be copied.



Add fire to your music

Intelligent saturation to enhance the energy in your composition.

Examples of mastering

How to order?

Order at Fiverr or at Telegram.

For a mixdown track sent for mastering, it is preferable to use the uncompressed wav or aiff format. When using compressed formats such as mp3/ape (lossy), a restoring algorithm will be used.
Frequency and bit depth should be at least 44100 Hz 16 bits.
I also need a link to a reference (reference) that displays the required quality for the sound that needs to be applied to your track.
Master file will be in any of the formats of your choice WAV/AIFF, 44.1/48/96/192 kHz, 16/24 bit, stereo/surround. Also, you can offer any other format.
All default parameters are normalized to the reference track volume LKFS (BS.1770-2/3/4), but you can order any value. Also you can order any other format, bit rate, frequency. There is no need to pay extra for this.

Offer for bloggers

For video bloggers who want to get acquainted with the service, a special offer applies:
Mastering five tracks with three references for each track for free
To order, write me an email at or at Telegram, in the subject line indicate “Mastering for the blog” and a link to your blog in the message.


All the above principles of mastering apply to multitracks.


For more information write to me at

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