Neural Mastering

How it works?

A special algorithm based on machine learning makes mastering of audio files. After processing the mixdown algorithm, 2 options are formed at the output:

    Mastering Options:

    filename-(neuralmaster-narrow).wav source stereo
    filename-(neuralmaster-wide).wav advanced stereo

    All options by default are normalized to True Peak -1db, Integrated -9 LKFS (BS.1770-2/3/4), but you can order any value.
    Format WAV/AIFF, 44.1/48/96/192 kHz, 16/24 bit, stereo/5.1, also you can order any other format

The neural network is trained in the main areas of music: rock, pop, jazz. It is also possible to use your reference.

Examples of neural mastering

How to order?

Way 1:
Order the service at, in the subject line indicate Mastering.
The cost of mastering one track is 20$ 10$ (until February 1, 2020). You can send 30 seconds of your track to quality evaluation of mastering for free.

Way 2:
Choose a monthly Patreon Patreon subscription.

Way 3:
Order a service on Fiverr.

Offer for bloggers

For video bloggers who want to review the service, a special offer applies:
Mastering three tracks for free
To order, write me an email at, in the subject line indicate "Mastering for the blog" and in the message a link to your blog.

Neural Mixing

Neural network in the learning process.


For more information write to me at

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